What to Expect


Before you even make it in the door, where should you park?

It can be a little tricky!

The front of the church is facing the street so there’s no parking right in front of the building, but you can park on Gartland Avenue and come in the side door or turn down the alley behind the church, and you’ll find a parking lot. From the parking lot, come in the doors to the right, up the stairs and you’ll find the sanctuary.

What Do People Wear?

Don’t worry about what to wear to church. At Woodland, there is no “right” way to dress on a Sunday. You’ll see people in jeans and t-shirts, skirts and dress shirts, and every now and then someone even wears a tie.   Whatever you’re most comfortable with we’re most comfortable with.


If you have a child age 0-1st grade we have a nursery for them on the same floor as the sanctuary. Children and youth from 2nd grade – 12th grade meet downstairs. Ask any greeter and they’ll show you the way!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the children’s and youth program.