Calendar of Events

Download our printable 2 month calendar, or check out this season’s events:


Sunday, Mar 4: Lenten Study week 3 (9:45a); Confirmation class (9:45a); Worship (11:00a), Communion; Joint Potluck
Sunday, Mar 11: Lenten Study week 4 (9:45a); Confirmation class (9:45a); Worship, (11:00a)
Saturday, Mar 17 (5:30p): Room in the Inn & Sat. Supper
Sunday, Mar 18: Lenten Study week 5 (9:45a); Confirmation class (9:45a); Worship (11:00a)
Saturday, Mar 24 (9:00a): Work Day
Sunday, Mar 25: Lenten Study week 6 (9:45a); Worship (11:00a)
Thursday, Mar 29: Maundy Thursday (6:30p)


Sunday, Apr 1: Easter Sunday & New Member Sunday; Brunch (9:45a); Easter egg hunt (10:30a) Worship & Communion (11:00a).
Sunday, Apr 8: Worship (11:00a); Session meeting (12:00p)
Sunday, Apr 15: Worship (11:00a)
Saturday, Apr 21: Sat. Supper (5:30p)
Sunday, Apr 22: Worship (11:00a)
Saturday, Apr 28: Work Day (9:00a)
Sunday, Apr 29: Worship (11:00a)


Sunday, May 6: Worship & Communion (11:00a); Joint Potluck (12:00p); Session meeting (12:00p)
Sunday, May 13: Worship (11:00a)
Sunday, May 13: Worship (11:00a)
Saturday, May 19: Sat. Supper (5:30p)
Sunday, May 20: Worship (11:00a)
Saturday, May 26: Work Day (9:00a)


Sunday, Jun 3: Worship & Communion (11:00a); Joint Potluck (12:00p)
Sunday, Jun 10: Worship (11:00a); Session meeting (12:00p)
Sunday, Jun 17: Worship (11:00a)
Saturday, Jun 23: Sat. Supper (5:30p)
Sunday, Jun 24: Worship (11:00a)
Saturday, Jun 30: Work Day (9:00a)


Want to find out even more in 2018? Download this year’s calendar!