Woodland’s History

Woodland today.

A Brief History of Woodland Presbyterian Church

1858 First building was built on Woodland Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets for a cost of $5,433.26.

1873 Rev. McNeilly was chosen to lead a service of Thanksgiving at Woodland.  It was attended by a huge interdenominational crowd.

1885 Church women came up with the idea for a new building and focused their efforts on fundraising.

1887 The new Romanesque style building was completed on the same site as the original chapel at a cost of $17,110.88.

1889 The session overturned the Presbytery to change the name of the church.

1890 Session gave permission to begin a revolutionary Christian Endeavor for young people.
1891 There is mention in the session minutes of an African American Sunday School led by Miss Sallie White.

1911 The congregation called Dr. Walter L. Caldwell from Third Presbyterian Church of Memphis.

1916 Building lost to the Great East Nashville Fire. Architect C.K. Colley presented plans for the new building estimated at $38,120.

1916 The cornerstone was laid.

1918 Dedication service was held.

1933 A tornado did about $2,000 damage to the church and manse.

1940 The Bell property next to the church was purchased for $3,700.  The Bell residence was renamed Fellowship Hall.

1960’s Woodland joined with other area churches to form the Edgefield Cooperative Church Council to minister to East Nashville.

1979 The Rev. John H. McCullough accepted a call to Woodland.

1980s Woodland partners with Room In The Inn.

1998 The “Nashville Tornado” broke out windows and damaged the building’s roof.

2007 Woodland becomes a More Light Congregation, working for greater inclusion of LGBT persons within PCUSA.

2010 El Jardin de los Ninos/ The Children’s Garden, a mother’s day out program started.

2016 Rev. John McCullough retired after 37 years at Woodland.

2016 Woodland begins intentional process to re-imagine its next season of ministry.

2017 Woodland launches the East Nashville Training Hub.

Woodland Presbyterian Church continues to be an inclusive community of faith seeking to share God’s love for all Creation, welcoming everyone to full and equal participation in the church, promoting deep concern for the ecology of the earth, seeking to embody in our lives the love of God embodied in Christ Jesus.