El Jardin de los Niños

El Jardin de Los Niños / The Children’s Garden exists to provide a safe and supportive, Spanish language focused preschool option for the Nashville community. The program is offered Monday – Thursday with children coming either Monday, Wednesday or Tuesday, Thursday.

It is the philosophy of El Jardin de Los Niños to actively foster the socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development of their students.

Teachers set clear age appropriate goals and limits within their clean, safe environments. El Jardin’s use of interest centers allows children to have choice and encourages the development of self-discipline. The school respects the diverse cultural influences experienced by your children and incorporates multicultural experiences into our environment. El Jardin encourages you to participate in your children’s lives by volunteering in the school and sharing with us your special interests and skills. El Jardin de Los Niños partners with families to provide an enriched experience supporting the optimum development and well-being of your child(ren).

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